R. Jung / Rudolf Burkhardt

... "A Farewell to our Subscribers and Contributors"

Auf die hinterste Seite setzte Rudolf Jung / Rudolf Burkhardt seinen Abschied und unterzeichnete mit "THE ENGLISH EDITOR Rudolf Burkhardt".1 Er dankte unter anderem den Abonnenten:

"[...] I take my leave of them (the subscribers) most reluctantly. Indeed, their unfaltering belief in all The Circle has stood for has been often a source of strength from which to draw new energy when the thorns seemed to outnumber the roses. Month after month, year after year it has been my personal pleasure to see the same names on our envelopes for the monthly mailing. [...]

At this point, I would like to express my most sincere thanks also to [...] the contributors [...]. I've had the pleasure of meeting a number [of them] and many have become trusted and valued friends. They live, to name but a few places, in Australia, in San Francisco, in Wales, in Dorset, in South Africa, in London and New York. It is impossible for me to single out any one of them. They will all realize how much appreciated their contributions have been, not only by myself, but by the numerous readers of the English section. However, one co-worker does deserve special mention. I feel specially grateful to Ward Stames2, not only for his excellent contributions, but also for all the time and interest he has given my English section. His advice and help have been of immense value to me.

Time does not stand still, and it has taken its toll of our Circle. [...] Now when present financial straits cannot be overcome, we prefer to say 'goodbye' voluntarily. [...]"

Ernst Ostertag, März 2006


Der Kreis, Nr. 12/1967, Seite 36


Samuel Steward, der vor allem als Phil Andros ein bis heute bekannter Autor geblieben ist